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UK virtual election from Mar 17th


us presidential election banner

The countdown to the 2008 Presidential election is well under way and virual-election.com is preparing for the big one... more


uk election

With the arrival of David Cameron as the new Tory leader, we are planning a 2007 virtual General Election, but to see how far he has come we thought we would re-run May 2005, to see how far the Tories have come since May... more

Lib Dem leadership banner

Tony Blair to go in 2007

New Labour leader to become Prime Minister

The next Labour leader will be the next UK Prime Minister, without being elected by the UK population. Show who you think should be the Labour Leader. There will also be a chance to vote for the deputy leader.

2007 General Election

With all new party leaders, we shall hold a 2007 virtual election to see how the leaders have changed the fortunes of their party.